A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to Brightnyte, a beautiful city on the edge of Firefly Forest. The fireflies in this forest are a powerful force of light that can only be snuffed out by the dastardly Shade creatures which also live in the forest. You are one of Brightnyte’s FireFlyters. Your job is to venture into the forest each night using your vacu-lamp to collect fireflies while dodging the shades that seek to steal your light from you. Each day, the Fireflyter Chief will give you a mission with the amount of fireflies you must collect that day to power up the buildings in the City. Gathered fireflies will work to keep Brightnyte alight during the night, while extra fireflies can be spent at the Market to power up your vacu-lamp and collect more fireflies each night.


Move: WASD

Interact: E

Aim Vaculamp: Mouse

Suck up Fireflies: LMB

Select: Space

Pause the game: Esc/P

Install instructions

1) Download correct version for your operating system.
2) Unzip the folder.
3) On PC, go into the folder and run CityLights.exe.
On Mac, double click the City Lights game.
4) Choose your resolution and graphics settings, and click play!


City Lights (Windows Version) 169 MB
City Lights (Mac Version) 171 MB


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