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A dark, foreboding presence casts a looming shadow of blight and despair over The Forest. The Barber, cursed with an unholy and unyielding baldness, has sworn to remove the hair from every living creature in the Forest, from the smallest of squirrels to the largest of lumberjacks. Every hair shall be humbled, every creature made equal in the wake of The Great Baldening. Are you prepared to stop it?

Play as BeardMan, a steadfast, adventurous woodsman, and combine forces with the mysterious, sentient, and dexterous Beard to jump, whip, and grapple your way to a final battle with The Barber. The game combines a classic, traditional platforming aesthetic with aspects of bullet hell in the form of Floods - huge waves of enemies which must be defeated in the midst of traversing the levels. The Forest that BeardMan calls home has been corrupted, with hairless forest animals enraged by The Barber attacking in tandem with The Barber’s shaving, slicing, and slashing henchmen. Soar through the air and attack these enemies from above, or approach levels from the ground, using your hairy compatriot to form a shield and ward off attacks. Grow your beard to increase your attack and grapple range, or shrink it to restore your health. Your job is to reach the barber and defeat him to save the forest, and this platforming, enemy-dense adventure will put your skills to the test!

 Save the Forest, save BeardMan’s furry friends, and save the world from The Barber’s tyrannous reign!


W/Space -- Jump
A -- Left 
S -- Crouch/Shield
D -- Right 
Q -- Grow beard (reduce health) 
E -- Shrink Beard (increase health) 
Mouse -- move beard 
Right click -- grapple/attack


Beardman Mac 41 MB
Beardman v1.0 38 MB


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This game is amazing!